Conference Gallery

Cross Section Of Participants at HBTSSN Workshop (OYO 2019)
President, South South Regional Councillor with Loveday Udu Zebedee
L to R. Mr Idris Salihu, Dr T.Y.Raheem and Prof IFEDAYO Ajayi at OYO 2019
L to R. Stowe Opuada(SSRC), Stella Ken Ezihuo(Treasurer) and President(Prof Z.A.Jeremiah) at OYO 2019
The GIT was not left out
Visit to UI Zoological Garden at OYO 2019
SSRC at OYO 2019


The President during presentation
Participants at the UI Zoo
Back to the bench at OYO 2019
Dr Kolawole FASAKIN presenting at OYO 2019
Still at the Zoo. From Right is the SWRC, Tawa Zakariyah
Participants listen with rapt attention
Christian Atiegha and SWRC Tawa during one of the sessions
Members of the High table at the OYO 2019 Workshop
Prof Z.A.Jeremiah, President HBTSSN
BOT member, Dr Raheem and President, Prof Jeremiah in a close talk during the workshop