The Constitution


The Constitution of the






The Constitution of the







  • Promote, foster and develop the discipline of haematology and blood

transfusion science  in all its aspects

  • Provide support and advocacy for research in haematology and blood

transfusion science

  • Promote excellence and advocate for improvement in the care of patients with

hematologic diseases and others.

  • Encourage, stimulate and foster education and interest in haematology and blood          transfusion amongst medical laboratory scientists and the wider community
  • Provide opportunities for haematology scientists, students and other interested

parties to meet to promote scientific communication and education in the field

of  haematology and blood transfusion Science

  • Foster national and international collaboration in haematology and blood transfusion

research and practice

  • To serve as adviser and faculty to the postgraduate college of Medical Laboratory Science in Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science


3.1       Encourage the exchange of knowledge among haematology and blood transfusion

Scientists on the theory and practice of haematology and blood transfusion through

meetings such as conferences, symposia, workshops, public lectures exhibitions and


3.2.      Publish the ANNALS OF HAEMATOLOGY AND TRANSFUSION SCIENCE RESEARCH, conference proceedings, policy and standard briefs and other scientific

Publications for the purpose of advancing the discipline of haematology and blood

Transfusion science

3.3        Advice Government and organizations on the issues relating to Laboratory

Haematology and blood transfusion practice in Nigeria.




4.1.        Membership of the society shall be open to all categories of persons who relate

directly to the field of haematology and blood transfusion Science and  possess the requisite qualification to practice haematology and blood transfusion science in public, private and the academic institutions.. The categories of members shall include:

Trainee(Student) members

                           Associate Members

                           Regular (Ordinary) Members

                           Regular (Fellows)

                           Honorary Members

                           Life Members

                           Corporate Members

4.2.         Trainee Members:  These shall be:

Haematology Scientists in training in haematology and blood transfusion Science in NUC and MLSCN accredited Universities at undergraduate level. Trainee membership is available until completion of training period. Once qualified, If a member wishes to continue his/her membership, he/she will need to apply for ordinary membership and proceed as a new member.

Trainee members will receive all correspondence from the Society and will be eligible for travel grants but there will be no voting rights.

4.3         Associate Members: These shall be:

Individuals who are not eligible for ordinary membership but have made a significant contribution to the discipline of haematology and blood Transfusion. Associate members will receive all correspondence from the Society and will be eligible for travel grants but there will be no voting rights.

4.4.         Regular Ordinary Members (ROM): These shall be:

  1. Medical Laboratory Science graduates who have engaged in the laboratory practice of haematology  and blood transfusion Science from NYSC
  2. Graduates in other faculty recognized for the purpose by the Council of the Society who have maintained a commitment over at least three years in research relevant to haematology; such a commitment may be judged by completion of a higher qualification recognized by Council or by a substantial scientific contribution based on presentation of papers at scientific meetings or publications in scientific journals.

The application must be accompanied by a letter outlining the applicant’s contribution to haematology by the proposer and seconder.

For  HBTSSN Council to assess applications under Clause i and ii, information should be provided either on the extent of personal involvement in the laboratory practice of haematology or on the extent of personal contribution to papers, publications, and other aspects of research relevant to haematology and blood transfusion Science

4.5.      REGULAR FELLOW MEMBERS (RFM): Members who have distinguished themselves and fulfill the conditions which will be decided by theHBTSSN Council. They must have been long standing members of the society who must have demonstrated exceptional commitment in the propagation of the aims and objectives of the society.

4.6.        Honorary Members:  Persons who must have contributed significantly to haematology and blood transfusion Science can be nominated by HBTSSN Council and approved by the AGM for award of honorary membership.

4.7.        Life Members:  Members who have attained the retirement age and desire to become life members could apply to the HBTSSN Council.

4.8.        Corporate Members:  (a). All educational and research institutions in the field of Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science. (b). Industries, publishers, hospital laboratories, private laboratories and other related agencies


HBTSSN Membership shall offer the following benefits;

5.1.      Networking:  Member will be able to establish contact with fellow members to

network with colleagues and others working in the areas of Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science

5.2.      Grants & Awards: Membership will provide eligibility to access grants and

             awards that will be from time to time

5.3.      Members online: The Members Area provides access to online journals and

other resources provided for the benefit of HBTSSN members

5.4       Financially up-to-date members shall receive free copies of the journal, HBTSSN and

Newsletters periodically.


6.1        Registration:  Member shall be registered on submission of duly filled membership

form and payment of five thousand Naira (5000.00 NGN) to the Society’s account


6.2          Annual Subscriptions: There shall be an annual subscription to be determined by the HBTSSN Council from time to time as the case may be. Annual subscription shall become due in August of each year. The annual subscription shall be paid into the societies’ account and teller scanned and sent to the society’s treasurer via email. Alternatively online registration and payment will be enabled to make it easier for new members within and outside Nigeria to pay their annual subscription. Annual dues for each category of members shall be as follows:

  1. A) Student members  N2, 000.00
  2. B) Associate members       N5, 000.00
  3. C) Ordinary members       N10, 000.00
  4. D) Fellows  N20, 000.00
  5. e) Life members N30,000.00 (To be paid once)
  6. F) Corporate members N200, 000.00
  7. g) Honorary members – voluntary contribution


Membership dues must be paid annually whether or not the member attends the annual conference or not. Any member who fails to pay the annual dues for three consecutive years forfeits the membership and will have to pay the registration fee before readmission.


7.1.       The HBTSSN society will operate at National, Regional and State levels

7.2         The organization of any chapter or regional level shall follow due application to the national executive council and a written approval received

7.3          There shall be regional councilors representing the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Chapters can be organized at state levels in tertiary institutions, hospitals, research institutes and organizations.

7.4           The regions and chapters shall have an executive committee comprising of


Vice Chairman


Assistant Secretary


Publicity Secretary

7.5         The regions and Chapters shall report to the Vice President

7.6          Registration for members at regional and chapter level shall be determined by each chapter but subject to HBTSSN Council

7.7          The regions and chapters shall quarterly send minutes of their meetings to the National Council through the Vice President who will present same to the HBTSSN Council.

7.8          The regional and chapter activities shall be organized in such a way that it does not conflict with the National programmes and activities.


ARTICLE 8: THE HBTSSN COUNCIL: This is the National Executive Council of the society and shall be composed

of followings:

  1. The National  Executive Officers


Vice President

General Secretary

Assistant General Secretary

Publicity Secretary


  1. Regional Councillors (6 from each geopolitical zones and 1 in FCT)
  2. The Editor-in-Chief
  3. Immediate Past President
  4. Immediate Past LOC Chairman



8.1            Functions of the HBTSSN Council

a). The National Executive Council shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Society’s affair and shall maintain the secretariat

b). The National Executive Council shall prepare a programme of activities for the society throughout the year.

c). The National Executive Council shall approve the annual budget of the society

d). The Budget committee headed by the Vice President and comprising the Treasurer and one other member of the finance committee shall prepare the society’s annual budget and present same to the HBTSSN Council .

e). The HBTSSN Council shall have the powers  to implement executive decisions that will ensure smooth running of the society. Such decisions and actions shall be ratified by the Annual General meeting(AGM).

f). A simple majority of members of the HBTSSN council including the President and General Secretary or Assistant General Secretary shall form a quorum at all its meetings


8.2.      Functions of the National Executive Officers


The President shall:

i). Preside over all the meetings of the society

ii0. Direct the day to day affairs of the society

iii) Act as one of the signatories for the operation of the society’s bank accounts.

iv). Authorize payments of all approved expenditures

v). Direct all dealings of the society with any external organizations

vi). Present an address in all Annual General Meetings

vii) Perform all other functions which the Annual General Meeting , HBTSSN council or National executive Officers shall specify

viii). Become a statutory member and secretary of the Board of Trustees.


The Vice President shall:

i). Oversee the activities of HBTSSN activities at Regional and Local chapters and report same to the Executive Council

ii). Assist the President in the execution of his/her duties

iii). Act for the President in his/her absence

iv). Perform all other functions that might be designated to him/her by the President

v). Chair the budget committee of the society comprising the Treasurer and one other member of the finance committee and report same to the executive  and HBTSSN council


The General Secretary shall

i). Supervise the running of the secretariat

ii). Arrange for all Annual General Meetings, Executive Council meetings and other related meetings that will be in the interest of the society as directed by the President.

iii). Prepare all minutes of the Annual General Meetings

iv). Prepare all minutes of the executive Council meetings

v).  Prepare all minutes of the HBTSSN Council meetings

v). Oversee the activities of the trainee (student) members and report to the council


The Assistant General Secretary shall:

i). Assist the General Secretary in all his/her duties

ii). Act as the secretary in the absence of the General Secretary


The Treasurer shall:

i). Receive all Society’s monies and lodge same in the Society’s bank account within one week

ii). Take charge of all funds and accounts of the society

iii). Prepare the statement of the account at each ordinary meeting of the Executive council and report at each Annual General Meeting

iv). Make all payments authorized by the National Executive Council

v). Act as a signatory to the society’s bank account.


The Publicity Secretary shall:

i). Publicize the activities of the society

ii). Publish the Society’s news letter

iii). Liase with relevant government agencies, institutes, hospitals, academia  to assert the relevance of the society and also solicit for enhanced co-operation

iv). Carry out all the activities assigned to him by the National Executive Council

v). be Secretary of the Communique drafting committee.


Regional Councillors shall:

i). Serve as Liason between the National Executive Council and their regions

ii). Supervise the activities of the Regional and local chapters and report to the NEC through the Vice President

III). Perform other duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the National Executive Council.

  1. iv) Regional Councillors shall be by appointment by the HBTSSN Council and not by election


The Editor-in-Chief shall:

i). Receive all articles for publication in the Annals of Haematology and Transfusion Science Research (AHTSR)

  1. ii) Take all responsibilities for the regular publication of the journal

iii). Be the Chairman of the Editorial Board

iv). Present periodic report to the NEC on the journal activities.



9.1      There shall be the following standing committees that shall function within the life time of

the executive council as follows:

Standards and Policy Committee

                                Membership Committee

 Finance and Accounts Committee

 Research, Grants and Awards Committee

 Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

 Physical Development Committee


9.2.     Standards and Policy Committee


The HBTSSN standards and policy committee  shall assist and advice the HBTSSN council in ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards, quality practice and research in haematology and blood transfusion science in Nigeria.



The committee shall :

i).  play an active role in assuring the quality of haematology practice and research in Nigeria by ensuring that the body of the society’s policies are internally consistent, incorporate the best ideas and are aligned with the strategic goals of the society.

ii). Formulate, review and, as appropriate, recommend policies, guidelnes and procedures relating to the practice of haematology and blood transfusion


iii). advice the HBTSSN council on policies concerning the curriculum of studies and practice in haematology and blood transfusion


iv). actively seek and evaluate opportunities to improve the HBTSSN pursuit of high standards in haematological practice


v). provide regular reports (quarterly) on its activities under its terms of reference to the HBTSSN council.


vi). perform any other duty (ies) that may be assigned to the committee from time to time.


9.3.     Membership Committee

Purpose: The membership committee shall be responsible for activities that promote membership growth and encourage the retention of existing members

The committee shall:

i). work closely with the society’s Treasurer to co-ordinate the activities of the members and identify those on clear standing.

ii).Write welcoming letters to new members

iii).Send invitations to non-member participants at annual meetings

iv). Co-ordinate and advertise HBTSSN membership in various publications and at meetings of related organizations within and outside the country

v).Remind members ahead of time concerning renewal of their membership to the society

vi). Process membership card and certificates to members.



              9.4.    Finance and Accounts Committee

Purpose: To provide the financial oversight of the HBTSSN and ensure its financial health

The Committee shall

i). Maintain accurate and complete financial records

ii). Prepare and present accurate, timely and meaningful financial statements to the HBTSSN

iii). Help the HBTSSN council to understand the organization’s finances

Iv). Safe guarding the HBTSSN assets by implementing proper accounting policies and procedures

9.5   Journal Editorial Board

Purpose: The editorial board of the HBTSSN shall consist of a group of prominent people in the journal field- Haematology and blood transfusion. They shall act as ambassadors for the journal AHTSR which is the official publication of the HBTSSN, aimed at dissemination of information and research findings within and outside Nigeria.

             The Board shall

i). Identify new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on the direction for the journal

ii). Peer review: Also help to identify peer reviewers and provide second opnions on papers (where there is a conflict between reviewers)

iii).Endorse the journal to authors, readers and subscribers and encourage colleagues to submit their best work

iv). Meet as a board either face to face, telephone, video conference or any other media available to deliberate on issues, questions, policies, upcoming journal issues or volumes etc

v). Provide quarterly reports to the HBTSSN on its activities



An editorial board member should

  1. Hold a Ph.D Degree in Haematology and Blood Transfusion or haematology related discplines.
  2. Holders of Master’s degree in Haematology and Blood Transfusion with good publication records and academic rank not lower than the rank of a Senior Lecturer or equivalent may be considered for editorial board membership.
  3. Have good publication records
  4. Hold some academic positions in the University, research institutions or other such organizations

9.6   Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

There shall be a disciplinary committee saddled with the following responsibilities.

i). Ensuring that a high standard of ethical behavior is maintained in the society

  1. ii) Ensuring that research conducted by members of the society conforms to the International ethical standards.

iii) Review research proposals and approve same for the purpose of grants application

  1. iv) Mentoring the young members on research grants applications.

v). Investigating and recommending to the NEC for removal of any erring officer of the Society

vi). Investigating and recommending to the NEC for discipline of any member of the society whose activity contravenes the aims and objectives of the society

vii). Considering of cases of indiscipline referred by NEC


9.7.    Physical Development Committee:

Shall be responsible for initiating, implementing and development of physical projects in furtherance of the society’s aims and objectives. Such projects shall be approved by the HBTSSN Council  or AGM as the need arises.



10.1   Membership: The Board of Trustees shall comprise of seven (7) members who shall

be chosen based on their integrity and immense contribution to the practice and development of Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science in Nigeria

10.2   Terms of reference of BoT shall include but not limited to the following:

i). To provide fiduciary care and serve in advisory capacity in the governance of the HBTSSN to ensure that action taken by the leadership of the society is in the right direction within the scope of her charter and legally compliant

ii). Serve as the link between the HBTSSN and eternal bodies especially the Nigerian Government and other international organizations.

iii) Any other board of trustees intervention that would help build up the HBTSSN

  1. iv) The tenure of appointment of members of BoT, except for the statutory members is for a period of five (5) years.







11.1    Election into the six (6) National Executive Council positions shall be by secret ballot at  Annual General Meeting.

11.2    All the 6 officers except the Editor-in-Chief and regional officers shall be elected. The Editor –in-Chief and Deputy Editors shall be nominated by the President and the appointment ratified by NEC.

11.3    All elected officers shall serve a four year term of office at the first instance following which they can be re-elected for another four year term. Subsequently, such officer may not be elected to the same position again until after another four years

11.4     An appointed Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editors shall serve for four years following which they can be re-appointed for another four years.

11.5    The current serving officers shall conduct election for the vacant positions

11.6     Bye elections shall be conducted in the event of resignation, failure to perform or when a vote of no confidence is passed on an elected officer or his/her demise.

11.7    Only members who have attended the societies’ conferences for at least three consecutive years and have been financial members for at least five years are eligible to stand election

11.8    No member shall be elected in absentia

11.9    Exceptions to articles 11.7 and 11.8 can only be approved by NEC and ratified by AGM

11.10  The regional and/or chapter elections shall follow the format of the National election.



12.1     The National Executive Council shall meet at least three times in a year. NEC can also meet through conference telephone, Whatsapp group forum and other electronic and social media to take decisions in emergency situation. Minutes of such meetings and decisions reached will be taken by the secretary and read in regular meetings of the NEC.



13.1     The chapter executive meeting shall hold as at when due.



14.1     Any member can resign from the society or office on formal application to the National Executive Council. Resignation takes effect as soon as NEC gives approval





15.1     The Annual General Meeting shall be the supreme body of the society

15.2     The Annual General Meeting shall hold once in a year at a place decided by the National Executive Council

15.3     The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be prepared by the National Executive council

15.4     At each Annual General Meeting, all National officers will be expected to present reports of their activities

15.5      Only financially up to date members shall be allowed to participate in the activities of the Annual General Meeting. This is without prejudice to article 11.7 above



16.1     Conference of the Society shall hold annually

16.2     Hosting right shall be voluntary

16.3     Where more than one institution, state, regions indicate interest to host, a selection shall be made by voting during AGM

16.4     Hosting right shall be decided two years before the conference and confirmed during the AGM preceding the conference.

16.5     The conference registration fee for non HBTSSN member shall be at least ten thousand(N10,000.00) more than the conference registration fees for the members.


17.1     The constitution shall be amended or reviewed in part or whole upon recommendation of the National Executive Council to the Annual General Meeting

17.2     The amendment/review and adoption of the constitution shall be effected by two third majority of the Annual General Meeting




This Constitution was approved by the HBTSSN Council on the ……….December, 2018





Chairman, Constitution Review Committee, HBTSSN

General Secretary, HBTSSN



President, HBTSSN

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