Standing Committees & Function

STANDING COMMITTEES: There shall be the following standing committees that shall function within the life time of  the executive council as follows:

                               Standards and Policy Committee

                                Membership Committee

 Finance and Accounts Committee

 Research, Grants and Awards Committee

 Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

 Physical Development Committee


 Standards and Policy Committee


The HBTSSN standards and policy committee  shall assist and advice the HBTSSN council in ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards, quality practice and research in haematology and blood transfusion science in Nigeria.



The committee shall :

i).  play an active role in assuring the quality of haematology practice and research in Nigeria by ensuring that the body of the society’s policies are internally consistent, incorporate the best ideas and are aligned with the strategic goals of the society.

ii). Formulate, review and, as appropriate, recommend policies, guidelnes and procedures relating to the practice of haematology and blood transfusion


iii). advice the HBTSSN council on policies concerning the curriculum of studies and practice in haematology and blood transfusion


iv). actively seek and evaluate opportunities to improve the HBTSSN pursuit of high standards in haematological practice


v). provide regular reports (quarterly) on its activities under its terms of reference to the HBTSSN council.


vi). perform any other duty (ies) that may be assigned to the committee from time to time.


 Membership Committee

Purpose: The membership committee shall be responsible for activities that promote membership growth and encourage the retention of existing members

The committee shall:

i). work closely with the society’s Treasurer to co-ordinate the activities of the members and identify those on clear standing.

ii).Write welcoming letters to new members

iii).Send invitations to non-member participants at annual meetings

iv). Co-ordinate and advertise HBTSSN membership in various publications and at meetings of related organizations within and outside the country

v).Remind members ahead of time concerning renewal of their membership to the society

vi). Process membership card and certificates to members.



             Finance and Accounts Committee

Purpose: To provide the financial oversight of the HBTSSN and ensure its financial health

The Committee shall

i). Maintain accurate and complete financial records

ii). Prepare and present accurate, timely and meaningful financial statements to the HBTSSN

iii). Help the HBTSSN council to understand the organization’s finances

Iv). Safe guarding the HBTSSN assets by implementing proper accounting policies and procedures

          Journal Editorial Board

Purpose: The editorial board of the HBTSSN shall consist of a group of prominent people in the journal field- Haematology and blood transfusion. They shall act as ambassadors for the journal AHTSR which is the official publication of the HBTSSN, aimed at dissemination of information and research findings within and outside Nigeria.

             The Board shall

i). Identify new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on the direction for the journal

ii). Peer review: Also help to identify peer reviewers and provide second opnions on papers (where there is a conflict between reviewers)

iii).Endorse the journal to authors, readers and subscribers and encourage colleagues to submit their best work

iv). Meet as a board either face to face, telephone, video conference or any other media available to deliberate on issues, questions, policies, upcoming journal issues or volumes etc

v). Provide quarterly reports to the HBTSSN on its activities



An editorial board member should

  1. Hold a Ph.D Degree in Haematology and Blood Transfusion or haematology related discplines.
  2. Holders of Master’s degree in Haematology and Blood Transfusion with good publication records and academic rank not lower than the rank of a Senior Lecturer or equivalent may be considered for editorial board membership.
  3. Have good publication records
  4. Hold some academic positions in the University, research institutions or other such organizations

Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

There shall be a disciplinary committee saddled with the following responsibilities.

i). Ensuring that a high standard of ethical behavior is maintained in the society

  1. ii) Ensuring that research conducted by members of the society conforms to the International ethical standards.

iii) Review research proposals and approve same for the purpose of grants application

  1. iv) Mentoring the young members on research grants applications.

v). Investigating and recommending to the NEC for removal of any erring officer of the Society

vi). Investigating and recommending to the NEC for discipline of any member of the society whose activity contravenes the aims and objectives of the society

vii). Considering of cases of indiscipline referred by NEC



Physical Development Committee:

Shall be responsible for initiating, implementing and development of physical projects in furtherance of the society’s aims and objectives. Such projects shall be approved by the HBTSSN Council  or AGM as the need arises.