Yetunde OBAZEE,(FMLS,PhD,MPH,MMLS)  is a certified  Medical Laboratory Scientist/ Training facilitator for CPD credit byMedical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, with over 18 years’ experience working Nationally in Field / Laboratory settings, research , Health Systems strengthening & Development. She strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task.She is currently with Health and Human Services, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) / Hospitals Management Board,  where she has served as a Focal person in Haematology work station, Quality Officer and Deputy Laboratory Manager.Shelaid the groundwork of 5S-KAIZEN-Total quality management activities in FCTA Hospitals, participated in successful writing of quality Manuals, Safety Manuals, Laboratory handbook and S.O.Ps for adoption in FCTA Public Laboratories.Apart from her clinical duties, she is a member of Hospitals Monitoring and Evaluation team (Laboratory representative),through quarterly visits, assessing all activities of all the 14 Government Hospitals under FCTA for sustenance of standards. She ensures quality management essentials is applied in all operations, in line with Laboratories Policies. She participated in successful development of FCT Strategic Health Development Plan, 2017 -2022. Also, Participates in National related health Surveys programs as a Trainer/ National Monitors, providing Field technical support, monitoring the biomarkers testing procedure in various states across the Country. Her technical expertise and outstanding performance in adapting theories to practical,gave her a National recognition from Federal Ministry of Health, representing Nigeria “A study Tour on 5S- KAIZEN-TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” for African Countries in Tanzania in 2012. She has participated in hematology  related  Conferences/ Workshops, local and international.She has a proven record of good Laboratory management operational planning and implementation of work plans skills with a Certificate of merit in- recognition of outstanding Leadership in Laboratory Services.